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CKAN is a free data catalog software that is used in many open data portals worldwide. Also in Germany, many developers use, operate, develop, interface with and extend CKAN. We are looking forward to host a CKAN user meetup in Berlin: a half day get together of CKAN practitioners to share insights and ideas about CKAN.

Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 (Day after Berlin Open Data Day)

Venue: Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany (Berlin)
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We are looking forward to host a German CKAN user meetup in Berlin!

Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

(Day after Berlin Open Data Day)

Venue: Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany (Berlin)

Details: http://s.fhg.de/ckan-meetup-june-13

Target Audience: CKAN practitioners, i.e. developers, users, operators etc. Unsure if this is for you? Quiz Question: What’s wrong here:

$ paster –plugin=ckan search index rebuild –config=std.ini

If this is the kind of question you have spent time with, you should come!

We need your input to figure out an agenda. There are already some offers from CKAN developers Sean and Dominik and some from FOKUS. Yet,

this is supposed to be an interactive workshop by users for users, so we are interested in your insights and questions.

The idea is to have:

  • 1h hands on tutorials, where presenters take attendees step by step through a specific task like ‘install from source’ or ‘harvest a CSW’
  • 1h open discussions, where presenters just share their situation and problems and every one can chip in.

If you want to attend please drop me a line and leave your name in this gdoc: http://s.fhg.de/ckan-meetup-june-13

Please take one minute to say what topics you’re interested in. You can offer or request a session, or just indicate that you like a topic. I would like to generate a preliminary agenda from your input so please RSVP by June 7th.

One of the main goals of the GovData.de prototype is to unite as many open data sets from Germany as possible in a single catalogue. Thspre biggest part is automatically imported by so-called harvesters. In this article we provide you with an overview on which tools have been used and how useful they have proven.
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Derzeit für viel um die Lizenzbestimmungen für Datensätze der öffentlichen Hand in Deutschland diskutiert. In dieser Diskussion wird unter anderem angemahnt, die international etablierten Standards, sprich Creative Commons, einzusetzen. So habe ich mir die Frage gestellt, inwiefern die Creative Commons Lizenzen als Standard etabliert sind.

In Anwendung der Methode von Paul Miller vom 11 Juli 2012, der http://datahub.io/ analysiert hat, habe ich die Methode auf

  • http://publicdata.eu
  • http://publicdata.eu
  • http://publicdata.eu
  • angewendet.

    Folgendes hat die Analyse ergeben: