Research Projects and Solutions

As a leading research institute and technology provider for open communication systems, FOKUS develops concepts and solutions for efficient delivery, analysis, and processing of applications and services based on Open Data

Open Cities
The EU project Open Cities has set its focus on implementing open and user driven innovation methodologies in the public sector.
Open Government Data Deutschland – OGDD
Free access to government managed data plays a vital role in enabling transparency, simplifying user participation, and increasing the quality and efficiency of an administration.
Open-Data-Portal Berlin – BODS
The central platform with structured, machine-readable, and freely-accessible data is a milestone for the German Open Data movement.
Linked Open Data für Wissenschaft
und Bürger – ENGAGE

The ENGAGE project will develop a service infrastructure based on linked open data in order to connect disparate and decentralized resources.
Open Data Across Borders – SPOCS
The SPOCS project will develop methods and tools to further improve service limits and
electronic processes.
The Fraunhofer vision of an ideal, integral, and scientifically valid future scenario as a general guide for research approaches: “Morgenstadt” (“City of Tomorrow”).
Gemeinschaftliche e-Mobilität – GeMo
The GeMo project develops innovative processes and applications for enabling the collaborative use of different mobility resources –
especially in the area of electric mobility.
Crowdsourced Open Data
In the “Collective Web Intelligence” (ICON) project, Fraunhofer is exploring the social and economic dynamics of the genesis and distribution of knowledge within the Internet.
Open Data Analytics as a Service
Innovative, applications based on Open Data that add value can only be realized via analysis across varying sources.
Open Data Quality
Open Data credibility and transparency are crucial in order for Open Data to be trustworthy. Origin, originality, and data changes must be traceable and quality features testable.
OUTSMART focuses on the usage area of utilities and environment in the context of smart cities and will contribute to more sustainable utility provision and lower strains on resources.