Quality of life in an urban environment depends strongly on ecological, social and mobility aspects. Based on these assumptions, the GeMo project develops innovative processes and applications for enabling the collaborative use of different mobility resources – especially in the area of electric mobility.

In order to achieve this, both open and closed mobility data, which is currently strongly dispersed, have to be made available in a heterogeneous and structured way thereby being accessible over open standardized interfaces. Therefore, a scalable cloud-based infrastructure and services are needed that fulfill the requirements of mobility data. This cloud infrastructure has to consider aspects such as real-time capability, geographic and security-related issues.

The  GeMo project investigates and implements the requirements which result  towards the efficient interplay of the involved technologies –  smartphones, electric vehicles, cloud services, charging stations,  Global Navigation Satellite Systems etc. – for the realization of collaborative electric mobility in smart cities.

Partners: Fraunhofer ESK, Fraunhofer IAO, Fraunhofer ISE, Fraunhofer IVI, Fraunhofer IIS


Benjamin Dittwald