How can administrators analyze Open Data given constantly rising data volumes? This issue will be pursued in the Open Data Analytics as a Service study that Fraunhofer FOKUS will perform in conjunction with the ISPRAT Institute. Innovative, applications based on Open Data that add value can only be realized via analysis across varying sources.

Currently, progressive solutions for data analytics addressing retention, publishing, and preparation of high-volume big data are starting to roll out onto the market. Technologies such as NoSQL, linked open data, business intelligence, and cloud computing represent single modules along the way to a holistic solution that will best manage and derive valuable information.

The goal of the research will be to show the potentials and the barriers for data analytic tools as a service. For existing data analytic tools the suitability in handling file formats and interface capabilities will be analyzed, as typically provided on Open Data platforms. Furthermore, we will research to what extent these tools can be integrated into existing platforms.

Partner: ISPRAT Institut


Dr. Klaus-Peter Eckert