Free access to and the proactive provision of government managed data and information plays a vital role in enabling transparency, simplifying user participation, and increasing the quality and efficiency of an administration. Data is a valuable resource when it is enriched by third parties and supplied for everyone’s benefit. This being said, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior conducted a study on Open Government Data in the 1Q (January – March) in 2012, and thereafter, optionally approve the realization and the operation of a prototype of an Open Government Data Platform.

The goal of the study was to provide politicians and administration officials, among other decision makers, with a summary of the current state of affairs concerning government data in Germany, to offer a vision from a contentual, organizational, juridical, and technical point of view, to reveal existing potentials, and to compile a list of needs requiring action.

Partners: Lorenz-von-Stein-Institut für Verwaltungswissen-schaften der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Partner-schaften Deutschland – ÖPP Deutschland AG


Jens Klessmann