The SPOCS (”Simple Procedures Online for Crossborder Service”) project will develop methods and tools to further improve service limits and electronic processes for the realization of next generation‘s contacts, which have already been launched in all EU Member States.

Pilot studies will be conducted to demonstrate interoperable and secure information (and document) exchanges for business registrations abroad. Concepts for semantic technologies and their interpretation comprise the conceptual model and the tools that are necessary for exchanging e-services and e-documents between SPOCS pilots.

Beyond this EU project, FOKUS will develop an Open Data portal that will provide contractors with interesting information (e.g., the demonstrator would enable access to directive services and corresponding processes). In particular, if one were to take a mashup of Eurostat benchmark and statistical data one could learn about the maturity of start-up companies in EU states. Thus, the exploration of the Open Data Platform will enable users to discover relevant processes and services of interest.

SPOCS is a large-scale pilot project involving 33 partners. For further detailed information please visit:


Linda Strick